Piling Rocks from the Seabed on the Summit of Mount Hakkouda

2011, Project Document Video 24’24min, 3 Photographic Prints 3000mmx3000mm, Map

Gathering stones from the coast of Aomori and over a number of days carrying these to the summit of Mount Hakkouda, Niwa increases the height of the mountain by 1m. This action may be seen as a resistance to the process of nature by which the river flows from the mountains to the sea and carries with it such stones. Here within the ‘man-made’ National Park, through the performance of a long trivial labour Niwa calls into question the relationship between man and nature. Furthermore, during the process of passing the rope way bridge and climbing the mountain, upon meeting local people and explaining his efforts to increase the height of the mountain their reaction of opposition to such an act also calls us to reexamine our own awareness towards nature.

Cooperation: Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

© Yoshinori NIWA, OTA Emma, 2013.

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